15 Types of Graphic Design Unveiled: Examples, Specializations, and More

Diversity is essential to the field of visual communication, much like the many threads that make up a beautiful tapestry. Graphic design, a fundamental component of this tapestry, shapes our perceptions of information, interactions with brands, and wayfinding in our environment. It’s everywhere, from the layouts of periodicals we read to the logos that decorate our favorite items. But why is graphic design important?

The answer lies in its ubiquity.  Even in these everyday instances, graphic design goes beyond what’s immediately apparent. It encompasses a wide range of specializations, and different types of graphic designers provide different graphic design services.

In today’s interconnected world, the demand for captivating visual content is ever-growing, prompting many companies to seek external expertise in graphic design. Outsourcing graphic design allows businesses to access a diverse array of artistic talents and perspectives, enriching their visual communication strategies. Moreover, by entrusting these tasks to specialized professionals, companies can streamline their operations and allocate resources more efficiently, ultimately enhancing their brand presence and staying ahead in the competitive marketplace.

Empowering Communication: How 12 Graphic Design Specializations Shape Your World

We’ll go into this varied terrain and examine 12 different types of graphic design, presenting five striking examples of graphic design each:

1. Branding & Identity Design:

This area of study focuses on creating a visual language that captures the spirit of a business, a person, or a product. Using font, color schemes, logos, and brand rules, branding design creates a unified and identifiable identity.


  • Apple: The simple, instantly identifiable logo that embodies innovation and simplicity, with its characteristic bite.
  • Coca-Cola: The iconic red and white color combination that is linked to joy and
  • Google: Their friendly and lively brand identity is reflected in their lively and dynamic
  • Tiffany & : In keeping with their brand image, the exquisite packaging design exudes elegance and sophistication.
  • Red Bull: Their target audience finds their vibrant and youthful brand identity to be invigorating and enticing.

2. Publication Design:

Publication design is the practice of creating aesthetically pleasing and educational layouts for printed goods such as books, newspapers, and magazines. It entails striking a balance between text, pictures, and white space to make reading enjoyable and easy for users.


  • National Geographic magazine: Beautiful imagery that highlights the world’s treasures is combined with educational layouts in National Geographic magazine to engage
  • The New York Times: Information is delivered clearly and effectively thanks to its orderly and clean layout.
  • Vogue Magazine: It is known for its high-end style, inventive layouts, and visually captivating content that sets trends in the fashion industry.
  • The Paris Review literary magazine: It features a beautiful font that emphasizes the written word and makes for a sophisticated reading experience.
  • Goodnight Moon: Eye-catching children’s book drawings that captivate young readers with their use of straightforward but powerful shapes and hues.

3. Environmental Graphic Design:

This specialty improves the practicality and visual attractiveness of physical areas via the use of visual components and signage. Environmental graphic design influences how humans interact with and perceive our surroundings in a variety of contexts, from wayfinding systems in museums to visually striking murals in public spaces.


  • Singapore Changi Airport: It features an intuitive wayfinding system that easily guides travelers with the use of visual cues and clear signage.
  • Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: Exhibits that are interactive and informative, with eye-catching graphics and interesting components to improve the learning process.
  • Facebook offices: Facebook offices include captivating murals that span the entire wall, encouraging innovative thinking, teamwork, and a dynamic work atmosphere.
  • Louvre Museum: The Louvre Museum offers visitors an easy and interesting museum experience with its informative signage leading them around its enormous exhibits.
  • Children’s hospital: Bright and lively wayfinding system that eases young patients’ fears and fosters a friendly atmosphere.

4. Marketing & Advertising Design:

This domain is dedicated to producing eye-catching visuals for use in advertising and marketing initiatives. Its main goals are to attract attention, deliver a message clearly, and eventually sway consumer behavior.


  • Apple: Sleek and simple product launch posters that showcase the cutting-edge features and elegant appearance of their goods.
  • Dove: Body-positive and empowering commercial efforts that dispel misconceptions about beauty and encourage self-acceptance.
  • IKEA: Simple assembly instructions with lots of clear pictures and little text to make the process easy to follow.
  • Original programs on Netflix: visually striking billboards that arouse curiosity and anticipation for future releases.
  • A brand-new range of cosmetics: attractive package design that draws in clients with its use of vivid colors and eye-catching imagery.

5. Motion Graphics Design:

This includes the skill of using motion graphics services and animation to bring visual elements to life. Explainer videos, animated commercials, and social media content frequently use motion graphics to draw viewers in and effectively communicate information through eye-catching images.


  • Music video: Improve the song’s emotional effect and visually represent the lyrics in the music video.
  • Explainer video for a non-profit organization: An explanation video expands viewer knowledge of their subject and establishes a deeper connection with them.
  • Presentation at a conference: During a conference presentation, hold the audience’s interest, elucidate difficult information, and restate important points.
  • Mobile app explainer: Use eye-catching visuals to highlight the functionality and user experience of the app.
  • Interactive website: Provide a vibrant, captivating user interface that promotes exploration and communication.

6. Product & Packaging Design:

This area of expertise includes the design of tangible goods and their packaging. It entails taking into account elements like usability, aesthetics, brand identity, and brand experience in order to provide aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable products that make a statement on the shelf.


  • Dyson: The aesthetically pleasing, streamlined hoover cleaners from Dyson prioritize both style and utility.
  • Patagonia: Patagonia’s environmentally conscious and eco-friendly outdoor goods packaging demonstrates its dedication to environmental stewardship.
  • LEGO: Toys for kids come in bright, imaginative packaging that makes them want to play.
  • Estée Lauder: Luxurious and brand-consistent packaging for high-end cosmetics, reinforcing the brand’s image of exclusivity and quality.
  • Household cleaning products: Clear and easy-to-use packaging that is both educational and user-friendly for a new line of household cleaning solutions.

7. User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Design:

The interfaces and user experiences of digital products, such as websites, mobile apps, and software applications, are the core focus of this sector. The main objective is to design aesthetically pleasing and simple-to-use interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use.


  • Airbnb: The user-friendly layout of the Airbnb website facilitates the process of finding and booking lodgings for users.
  • Spotify: The Spotify app’s intuitive navigation interface makes it simple for users to find and enjoy music.
  • Social Media Platform: The aesthetically pleasing and intuitive user interface of a widely used social media platform, encouraging user participation and exchange of ideas.
  • Productivity App: The productivity apps streamlined and effective workflow, which enhances task management and user efficiency.
  • Learning Management System: A learning management system’s inclusive and accessible design that accommodates a range of learning styles and demands.

8. Web Design:

This area of study focuses on designing websites’ user interfaces and visual components. The goal of web designers is to create useful, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly websites that are responsive to various screen sizes and target a specific demographic.


  • Apple: Apple’s website is visually appealing and easy to use, effectively presenting its products and brand narrative.
  • New York Times: The New York Times’s content-focused, minimalist website prioritizes the delivery of clear, succinct information.
  • Dropbox: File storage and sharing are made simple with a clean, minimalistic online
  • Squarespace: A perfect blend of sophisticated functionality and approachable design that enhances the process of creating websites.
  • Wix: Giving consumers access to easily customizable online design tools, the platform makes creating eye-catching and approachable websites.

9. Presentation Design:

Presentation design takes boring bullet points to a new level. Its main objective is to create visually stunning and educational presentations that lead your audience through your content. Presentation design services provide subtle movements and transitions while clear typefaces guarantee that your message is comprehended.


  • Startup Pitch Deck: Investors are presented with the company’s vision and potential through minimalist layouts, eye-catching data visualizations, and a striking color scheme.
  • Scientific Presentation: In-depth pictures and understandable graphs help a scientific audience understand difficult study findings.
  • Marketing Presentation: To showcase the benefits of a product and target a particular audience, use high-quality product photos, captivating infographics, and a brand-consistent color scheme.
  • Educational Presentation: Students are given an engaging learning experience with interactive features, eye-catching animations, and graphics.
  • Internal Business Presentation: Data visualizations, professional color schemes, and easy-to-read infographics efficiently inform coworkers of important business changes.

10. Custom Illustration:

Presentations are elevated by custom illustration, which produces unique pieces of art made just for you. Your message gains vitality and a distinct visual language from these pictures.


  • Climate Change Presentation: Your audience will be profoundly affected by a custom illustration that shows a melting glacier and highlights the gravity of the subject.
  • Social Media App Presentation: An animated character created specifically for the app interacts with the interface to show off its features in a fun way.
  • Historical Figures Presentation: By providing a visual representation of the historical figures under discussion, custom portraits increase audience comprehension and engagement.
  • Meditation Presentation: The advantages of meditation are effectively communicated with a custom illustration that shows a person meditating in tranquility.
  • Collaboration Presentation: The power of collaboration is graphically represented with bespoke artwork that shows a diverse group of people cooperating to achieve a common

11. Vehicle Wraps and Decal Design:

Car wrap and decal design involve creating personalized graphics on large vinyl sheets and fitting them into a vehicle. These designs can be used for promotional purposes or to highlight a company logo or a new product. Decals are used to highlight or add details that are too small on a large vinyl sheet.


  • Food Truck: Eye-catching images of heaping tacos and sizzling burgers turn a food truck into a moving restaurant, tantalizing viewers with every glance.
  • Delivery Van: The company’s emblem and lightning bolt design are featured on a sleek black and white wrap, promoting efficiency and speed, and ensuring prompt delivery to clients.
  • Racing Car: The car, adorned with a flaming red wrap featuring the driver’s name and sponsor logos, serves as a dynamic billboard for both the driver and sponsors.
  • Mobile Bike Repair store: The store’s services are communicated through a cartoon mechanic riding a bicycle, ensuring easy accessibility for cyclists in need of assistance.
  • Delivery of Coffee Shops Scooter: A heartwarming mobile advertisement features a hot coffee cup with a cute scooter face, accompanied by whimsical branding featuring pastries or donuts rolling beside the scooter.

12. 3D Graphic Design:

3D graphic design is a branch of graphic design that uses 3D modeling software to create images or animations, displaying them on a 2D surface or in a 3D space. It’s used in fields like architectural visualization and medical imaging. It requires artistic ability and technical expertise.


  • Architectural Visualization: 3D software enables architects to create stunning architectural renderings, allowing clients to virtually explore their ideal homes before construction begins.
  • Medical Imaging: 3D models of medical scans enable doctors to better understand patient anatomy, aiding in diagnosis and therapy planning.
  • Product Design: Product designers can enhance functionality, refine form, and test user engagement by creating photorealistic models of devices using 3D graphic design before
  • Motion graphics & animation: 3D graphic design exposes sophisticated technology in documentaries with dynamic images or brings characters and creatures to life in cartoons and explainer videos.
  • Video games: Experience stunning scenery and complex environments in video games through 3D visual design, bringing these virtual experiences to life.

Artistic Burst- A Symphony of Visuals

For your brand, let Artistic Burst compose a visual symphony instead of settling for a single note. We are skilled in all facets of graphic design, from creating visually appealing product packaging to creating user-friendly online experiences, and we can create a unified brand that appeals to your target market.

Presentations make an impression, pictures bring your brand story to life, and infographics clearly explain complex data. We at Artistic Burst transform your idea into a potent visual language that advances your company.

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